We have recently invested in the 21st century by getting "online" with our local Port of Felixstowe. The port has developed a sophisticated computer system, known as Felixstowe Cargo Processing System (FCPS), owned by the Felixstowe Port Community which also serves other UK ports.

While users of FCPS, we can delve deep into the whereabouts of specific shipments. Important information to which we can report back to our customers informing them of their cargo's tracking. Such information includes ETA into the UK, Charges being incurred due to Quay rent etc, HM Customs clearance status and much more.

FCPS also has other useful features to hauliers such as being able to release your own shipments to your own desired pin/registration number, and even establishing weather or not export shipments are booked back to the quayside - an asset no container haulier can snub at.

Paul Oven, MD, is quoted as saying "Thanks to FCPS, we no longer have the frustration of not having vision over our shipments. I must say it is a worthwile investment."


The FCPS port community system operates in several UK ports and inland clearance locations, including Felixstowe, Thamesport, Teesport, Grangemouth, London and Liverpool. It provides for the electronic exchange of information between all port sectors, including Shipping Lines/Agents, Port Authorities, Terminal Operators, Customs and other Government Agencies, Clearing Agents/Customs Brokers and road and rail hauliers/operators. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is used extensively. FCPS covers imports, exports, transhipments, dangerous/hazardous goods and Maritime Statistics reporting. FCPS is operated by Maritime Cargo Processing Plc. The company also owns Portis Ltd, operator of the newly created Destin8 community system and undertakes international consultancy.

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